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About us

 Do you love cooking but don’t have the time to cook? Are you looking for texture- rich, fresh aromas and the best quality ingredients in your baby’s food? Welcome to the homemade food option made easy for moms- YUM Baby!

We believe in feeding babies a wide variety of natural foods. We have sourced the best quality ingredients to make sure that your little one receives optimum nutrition in every bite! 

Free of additives, preservatives and colourants, YUM Baby is made using only the freshest ingredients possible to give moms peace of mind that baby is getting the best possible start to life.
All our meat comes from free-range and grass-fed sources. We use only the best cuts, cooked to succulent perfection. No artificial stocks are used in the stews; oat or rice flour is used to make them thick and creamy. We also add fresh and dried herbs to tantalise tiny taste buds.

Our food comes frozen in packs of 10 x 20ml cubes. One cube is a perfect amount for a babe just starting their solids journey, and by 9 months your baby could happily be eating 4 cubes at a time. The best part is that you can serve your baby as much or as little as they need with minimal wastage.



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  • Correlate the menu and ingredients contained therein with the order placed and the food delivered;
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  • Indemnify YUM Baby from any loss or damages suffered from the use of this website, any products ordered or any food ingested;
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